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10 Weeks Today....but feel URGH!


Well its 10 weeks - and for that I really am proud.

But I seem to be going throught a real bad patch at the moment - similar to last week. I just don't feel "right" at all.

Am not sleeping very well - but am tired and lethargic all the time. Got that hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach - and also the back of my throat. Got no appetite - and that's not me at all.

Am not sure if all this is the no smoking, but on Sat I was thinking I'm sure if I had one I'd feel better - but I didn't.

Will just have to push on through.

Was hoping this week's message would be more upbeat - oh well.

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You should be really proud, I will enter week 10 on Wednesday.

Am I really with you on the just not quite right thing, I think you are right in that we just have to push on through, choose not to smoke today.

Also I hold on to the fact that although I am not feeling all that great, there is noway I am going through the first week again:eek:

Stay strong, and very soon we will have done 3 whole months, and that is fantastic.

I definitely have experienced this... still am to some extent.. its not pleasant in the slightest i'll grant you that. Especially when you go to bed, sleep 8 hours, wake up and feel just as tired as when you went to bed the night before.

I don't know the answer for you here.. if i knew, i'd be doing the same.

If it helps, just keep telling yourself in thought 'AT LEAST I'M NOT SMOKING!!!' so you not inhaling those 4000+ poisons/additives, and every day you are not smoking you are healing.

Another thing to consider is the change of seasons. If we had our way we'd hibernate in a cave and not come out til spring, but we got this winter greyness to confront right now, so this may be part of what you are describing too.

This healing process isn't an overnight thing, and yeah its not pleasant to be feeling 'not quite right'.. but taking stock of things? We've quit smoking and thats got to be so much better than the alternative.


Thank you so much for your message. One of the most comforting things (for me) is knowing that what I'm feeling is "normal" - that this is what happens and there are others like me going through exactly the same things.

You're right tho - push through. DO NOT want to go through this again.


As always - cheers for the message.

And you're right of course - about it all.

Have been thinking back over the last few years - and I've always felt c*ap this time of year - must be SAD or something (and not referring to being emotional - thats another story entirely!!). But the no smoking is not helping at all!

I hate being such a moaner and a downer - I'm usually really up and happy.

Don't be upset over having a moan on here fella!!, better to get the true feeling out than to reword it to the point where it does not describe the reality of it.

Just keep being proud of being quit from smoking. And when us bears awake from our slumber in the springtime, i'm sure we'll feel so much better :)


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