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Hello strangers!



Firstly, apologies for not being on here for a while. This forum helped me so so much and I just wanted to check in and let you all know that thanks to you, I am still a proud non-smoker. I am just coming up to the six months and feel great.

I can't lie and say I never think about smoking. I do, but not that often and not so I am climbing the walls. I get the very rare day of feeling like smoking is an old friend that I miss, but then I wake up and think back to how rotton my 'old friend' made me feel and how much I wanted to end our so called 'friendship'.

To all you new quitters on here - keep going, it does get easier. And to all my old buddies, how the devil are you?



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Well done you - and thanks for checking in again to let us know how you are getting on!

I know what you mean about the occasional thought about a ciggie - I do sometimes think about them, but then that's because my husband still smokes. I just know I LOVE being in control of my life, instead of letting ciggies rule it AND I feel so much better, no more wheezy chest in the morning!

Keep up the good work and I'll keep a seat for you in the penthouse!

Nicki x

Oh, Jo, so sorry I missed this, my goodness 6 whole months, I am not quite half the way there yet.

Thank you for coming back and letting all us newbies know that it does get better, because sometimes we just need that extra help from the peeps who go before us.

And thank you Chrissie for bringing this to my notice, it would have passed me by otherwise.

Hi Josephine :D

Great to hear from you again and Congratulations on almost 6 months smoke free well done you




Well done, on this marvellous achievement, and i hope you go on to this being permanent.

Good for you :)

Good to hear from you and know you are still smoke-free, brilliant.


That's my girl!!!

Hi Josephine,

Well done to you on your 6 months.

Your an inspiration to us all.

Keep well, keep happy, keep smoke free ;)

Love & hugs, Gaynor xxx

Well done for your 6-months I was going to wait to the morning and post this but I just couldn't wait and wanted to congratulate you on getting to your 6th month. That's such a massive achievement and makes me want to get there even more then I did before. :D :) *dances*


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