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No Smoking Day
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1st week in new life

Hi All

I'm in day 8! My first week without smoking in more years than I care to remember. I feel very proud right now - and also truely grateful to all on this site who've helped, whether by encouragement or just sharing their darkest moments. I wouldn't be here without you.

It ain't been easy, there's been physical side-effects some good and some I'd rather not talk about, and the mental side has been, well mental. I had a dark moment again last night but only got through by knowing if I did I'd have the embarrassment of admiting to family and work colleagues this morning that I couldn't do what they do without thinking, (that and the fact I'm back in front of the Quit Smoking Nurse on Friday).

Kay - how're you doing on our day 8?

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Day 8 Dave that blooming marvellous my love. We all know this is a hard slog and unfortunately we all must go through it but I honestly believe it will get better and we will look back and laugh (hopefully) about all our moaning.

You will do it Dave because you want to. I want too, it's hard but we really do not have a choice.

Big hug, well done.


Well done Dave, I'm really pleased for you! It will be my day 8 tomorrow hopefully.



Dave a huge well done, and you are right to be proud. A whole week done and into the nice new week 2 room, enjoy whilst you are there, because before you know it you will be into months.

Fantastic and keep it up.


Well done Dave - brilliant job.

I'm on day 7 and have found it really really hard. The help and encouragement on this forum is wonderful and really supportive.

Power to the non smokers!



Well done all of you. Week One is hard as it's so alien not to have access to cigarettes. It does get easier as you get more used to not smoking




Hi Dave yer day 8 were gas the time gone i have been really busy today so not really had time to think about it today and only just been able to sit down so been really busy.

Still going strong i had a really bad day yesterday in everyway but today has been a lot better cause i i been so busy,

roll on now to 2 weeks and cant wait as i am starting to feel that i can breath a lot easyer if you no what i mean,i feel a lot fresher :)

How you geting on Dave?



Kay - so pleased you've had a better day, and mine's been not so bad too. I'm beginning to believe I can do this..... come and join the rest of us October quitters in Octoquits... I'm sure they'd be pleased to welcome you.


Groups are this way > forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/g...


Hi Dave :D

Well done you the first week done and dusted I hope you enjoy your new smoke free life as much as I do




Hi Dave

So pleased that you have got to day 8, I am on Day 7 and yesterday was absolute hell, the worst ever, thank goodness feel better today.

Keep at it we can all do this


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