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Day 4........Here I come

Afternoon all :p

I have been quit for 3 Days, 52 minutes and 16 seconds (3 days). I have saved £14.56 by not smoking 60 cigarettes. I have saved 5 hours of my life. My Quit Date: 01/11/2009 12:10

So into day 4 I go :D Has not been to bad at all this time round really. It's THE most stressfull time at work at the mo & when I usually avoid trying to quit but forgot this time. As I thought yesterday, smoking would NOT make it any better anyway & it's just another excuse not to try.

Yesterday was a much better day on the whole. I didn't shout or grumble or feel like killing something or someone once so that was an acheivement in itself LOL.

Had the old dream of smoking last night so woke up a bit confused as I thought I had but of course I haven't :D

I hope you are all doing well & enjoying your new life ;)

Love Gaynor xxx

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Hi Gaynor, you are doing fantastically and looks like you have got to grips with it very well

Roll on day 5



Hi Gaynor,

Sounds like you are in the same boat as me, had my last fag on Saturday night so day 4 now. Again, Im finding it easier this time at the moment, are you on any NRT or anything?x



Sorry I have missed all this, didn't know you back, so hi.

Well done you, I know how hard it can be to come back and start all over again, but it is so worth it.

I remember the smoking dreams, I did not have them on any of my previous quits only on this one, so maybe that is a good sign.

You sound really positive this time, lets make this your last day 4 ever.

Keep it up girl, well done nearly to a whole week.


You are doing great Gaynor a day at a time will see it through.



Gaynor, now you are beginning to motor along on this quit, its nice to see you've had a more positive experience this time.. and dealing with work stress too at the same time shows you for sure that you really can do regular life things without having that fake crutch holding you up convincing you are ok 'for ONE hour' before you need to feed it again. The absolute truth is you can do anything and everything without smoking, and what's going to surprise you the most is when you realise that alot of the stress you complain about occurs sometimes because you smoke. yes trouble still occurs, but its how you are able to deal with it that matters and you will definitely notice huge differences.

As for health things, no matter what you curent health condition you will see improvements in many respects, and any positive you feel health wise will be a major bonus for you. Relish all of it.

Congratulations on toughing it out so far, but also hope you find all the coming days are rewarding too. You're achieving something every day with this quit.. so good on ya!



You go girl your doing fab hunnie. Onwards to day 6 soon be a week look how fast thats gone.xxxxxx


Hi Gaynor :D

Day 4 you're doing great well done keep it going




Day 5.....& all is well

Thanks everyone for your kind words & encouragement, it means a GREAT deal.

Had a little moment this morning then thought NO I am not gonna lose another quit so here I am still on the straight & narrow.

Bambi25, I am using middle strength patches (left over from last time) at the moment. I have 6 left so hope that I can do without them when they are gone. Still using my lozenges but obviously will come off those when the time is right.

Hope everyone is happy & doing well with their quits today.

I have been quit for 4 Days, 37 minutes and 39 seconds (4 days). I have saved £19.31 by not smoking 80 cigarettes. I have saved 6 hours and 40 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/11/2009 12:10

Love Gaynor xx


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