No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Hi All

Well I have made it, just turned to Day 6 !!! Hooray.

Never thought I would get this far. Yesterday didnt post (Day 4) felt really positive and didnt have severe withdrawal pangs.

Today !!!!!!! Awful, woke up early wanting one, battled, went back to bed (sorry those who are still working Im now retired) as never smoked in bedroom. Have really battled all day with my brain but have got here and now on Day 6, hope this one is better.

How are you are all doing ????


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Hi Dee :)

Sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday and hope today is better

Almost through the first week now so it will soon start getting easier for you




Well done for battling and winning it. Tick to you!

Almost at a week - it does get easier.



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