No Smoking Day
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Thanks to everyone

I would like thanks everyone for your kind support you all are so fab and supportive :) thanks so much to you all.

Well o/h has gone out so im chilling before i pick my daughter up, then im going to take her to her friends and im going to see my mum and dad, they are all none smokers and like my best friends. Then at 6pm going to weight watchers then i wont be home till 8 so a busy aftoon which is what i need as it takes my mind of things.

I am soooooooooooooo soooooooooo postive that i will not have another fag as i dont need them BUT it is a very strange feeling i have sometimes,when i get upset its like a comfort thing but i know that by haveing one wont make things any better.

I did pack up last year for 5months and my god i kick myself by starting again but i think it has made me more postive about NEVER starting it again.It makes you realise how easy it is to get back into your old habbit again but this time NO NO way will i how ever hard it is.

The only reason i started again was that my o/h wasent very supportive and he said we had grown apart and now wanted different thing all beacause

1, when i met him i was big and started going weight watchers and lost 6 stone so i wasent like i was when i met him

2,i smoked then packed up

So with both of these i started smoking again and packed in weight watchers so one day i thought i dont want this any more i want a better life and a healthy one so i joined weight watchers 4 weeks ago so far lost 13pound and packed up smokeing ;)

Hopefully when i go tonight it will be a stone on 4weeks ;)

So this time im doing it for meeeee so, no one will change my mind this time no no way will they as i no in the end i will be better of,feel better and alot more healthy

But i have my days like we all do when packing up but its nice to no we are all together on here and i would like to say a big THANK YOU


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Hi Kay,

No-one said it was easy - if it was we'd all have done it years ago. But for you, brilliant, well done, you sound so much more positive. Remember you're doing this for yourself. It could be the start of lots of things you want to do because if you can do this you can do anything.

Well done, girl, keep going at it



Hats off to you Kay...quitting smoking AND dieting....I applaud you!

Me thinks hubby is worried because you might be more fanciable to other men...just let him know it's him you fancy but he can't control what you want to do with your life and if that's to have a better quality of life then he can either like it or lump it!

I must admit that my hubby has always gone on at me about giving up, as he has never smoked, and alot of the time I think I put it off cos I didn't want him to think he'd got his own way! Silly I know but now I've done it for me and no-one else!

Keep on keeping on!

JJ xxx


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