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Day 5 - Yes!!

Hi everyone

Day 5 and I nearly didn't make it! Saturday (day 3) was my hardest day by far and on several occasions I very nearly gave in. I would say it was a lot more difficult than day 1 (strange but true!) One part of my brain was telling to give in - just have one - you will never quit - you will always be a smoker and the other was saying don't you dare. I didn't give in and kept telling myself no!

Sunday was easier though. I think I found Saturday difficult as it was my first day since quitting that I haven't been at work. When I'm at work I can just keep my mind off it by keeping myself busy.

How are the other OctoQuits getting on?

Hope you all have a great day today.


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Hi Tinkerbell

Well done on getting through one of your 'firsts'. I think that's some of the hardest things to do, your first drink without a cigarette, your first meal out, your first visit to friends who smoke, your first day off work. But look on the bright side, once you've got through the 'first', you'll never have to do the 'first time' again - if you see what I mean. You've cracked that one, tick it off the list.

I had my first long drive on Sunday and it was grim. Pouring with rain, traffic jams for miles on the M-ways, took six hours to do about 250 miles. Normally I'd have smoked and smoked and smoked all the way, but got through it without hardly thinking about one

Then went out with some (smoking) friends who I haven't seen for months and didn't know I'd packed in. (I quit when I was out of the country and am now back home). Wasn't tempted at all, but their reaction was interesting. One had tried Champix and gave up the first time she was sick (think she was looking for an excuse), the others had heard the shock/horror stories and wouldn't go near it. One thing I did notice, every time someone went outside for a cigarette, they absolutely stank when they came back in.

Well done for getting through Saturday - almost a week and then it's plain sailing!



Hi Tinkerbell :D

Well done 5 days done now sppn be a week also well done getting through a tough Saturday that's a trigger out of the way and every time you beat one it gets easier to do

Hi Sue :D

Well done to you as well that awful drive and then out with friends that smoked without giving in that's great and some triggers done for you as well


Marg xxx


Hi Tinkerbell,

Good on you for staying strong and getting through a tough day. I found days 5 to 10 the hardest. But knowing each time a craving comes by that it will ease up and just to hang in there helps. The last 4 days have been rather a surprise in how much easier they seem from those few before. Even to the point of going without the mid strength patches.

Hi Sue,

That was a real accomplishment re the long drive and barely thinking about smoking. Isn't it great how our minds adept over time and our outlook on smoking changes. Driving (on my own) was a time I would enjoy smoking regardless of the driving conditions.

All the best



Hi Tinkerbell

Well done you on getting to Day 5, I am on Day 4 and found the 2nd and 3rd days absolute hell, my poor husband !!!! Today I feel a lot calmer and looking forward to Day 5.

Keep going Tinkerbell I am just behind you, we can do this !!!!!!


Can't believe I got through this peeps - I just needed to share it with you.

Today I had a routine appointment at the dentist which included a scale and polish.

In the past I would smoke at least 5 ciggies before I went in and a lot when I came out as I am scared of dentists :o I get really stressed and and worked up about going. However I got through it with a few deep breathes and telling myself - think how lovely your teeth and breath will be now you don't smoke. When I was asked by the dentist if I smoked - I said with a grin on my face - not anymore - I felt so proud. ;)

I now have lovely pearly white nashers :D!!

Well done to you all - Together WE can & WE will do this!!

Enjoy the rest of your smoke free day :)

Tinkerbell xx


Excellent. I hate dentists too. And just think, your teeth will stay white and pearly now, without nicotine stains.

You're doing brilliantly. Almost at the end of the week - then it starts going quicker.



Well done - thankfully I haven't got to go to the dentists for ages - would like to have my teeth whitened though they are horrid after all these years of smoking.


Brilliant to see all you new quitters!! well done, keep on choosing to quit. You will blink and suddenly it'll be christmas and you'll have done 2 months!


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