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Week four...into the great unknown!

Well I made it - unchartered territory for me now!

It's been week 4 since yesterday, and I've been on the mid-strength patches since Saturday.

I haven't really noticed any difference with the lower strength patches - although they're now the clear ones (cos they were on special offer!) and these ones seem to stick better. It just looks horrible when you can see my blotchy skin underneath, and they're giving me "plaster marks" when I take them off!

I haven't felt the need to use the inhalator for the last couple of days either - despite staying at OH's parents'.

We went to the same pub that we went to last time I was there (last boxing day) and I felt quite smug that I could stay next to the nice warm fire, when the last time I had to keep going and shivering outside!

:cool: <<smuggest smiley I could find!

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Into week 4 that's great well dome you

I'm pleased to here you haven't noticed any difference on the lower dose patches or needed the inhalor at all for the last couple of days

You have every right to feel smug at being able to stay in the warm pub instead of having to go in the cold for a fag that's a big trigger overcome for you as well


Marg xx


Well done you can always talk in months now.

I didn't notice the change to lower dose patch either I think if your head doesn't keep looking for a difference there will not be one. You can get wipes to take of the plaster marks. I got mine through my NHS Nurse who sent a prescription to my chemist but you can probably buy them, they work very easily but don't try to put a patch on the part you have cleaned until the area has been washed.



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