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No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Hi All

In 3 hours time I have completed 3 days !!!! I keep reading that most of the nicotine has left your body after 3 days is that really right ????

Have had a really tough weekend, my poor husband and 81 year old Dad have had the rough end of my tongue, where does these awful tempers come from I am normally an easy person to live with, but not at present.

Hope you all have had OK weekends, Day 4 tomorrow !!!!

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Hi Dee

Well done you! I'm sure your husband and Dad don't mind if that's how they can 'suppport' you, if fact they're probably pleased to be able to help:)

Keep posting on how you're doing as we're all helping each other here, at least it's certainly helping me. Smokers and never-smokers haven't experienced what we're going through, the lows and certainly not the highs.

See you on your day 4!


I apologised to my Other half in advance and reassured her that this would only be temporary.

These horrible moods you speak of are all part of the withdrawal process, i think many of us here went through that, and some go through that now n again anyway too. I'm sure those close to you know its concerning the quitting process, but re-assure them anyway.

Check out some of the links in my signature though.. some lovely gems of help in there for you.. might save you on the odd occasion in the days to come.

The nicotine whilst out of your system within 3 days, will still be craved for for a period of time yet to come. It would be like you loving chocolate and having chocolate bought for you every single day.. then suddenly that supply of chocolate stops... now if that chocolate was insanely addictive beyond what it is now, you would be thinking about that chocolate just as much for quite some time.

So from here on out, you will have an ongoing project to stay off the smokes, but manage the cravings as they arise.. deep controlled breathing is one thing i did alot of in them first few weeks, and it works. I also found drinking fresh orange juice helped me tons too.. and i think i went through a bag or two of my favourite cashew nuts too..

its all about staying off the smokes.. and doing your best to keep your mind state as calm as you can. You can really read things into situations that simply are not there, and I certainly found that your best defense while quitting is not to argue.. but to do the opposite and stand down immediately. If you can't do that, then try to exercise the 6 second rule before engaging with your answers in what you may think is heated conversation.

I nominated a place in the house as a safe-zone. Told my OH what it was for in that if i went and sat there, i was really needing the space to myself as the cravings/mood were getting the better of me.. it worked that did too.. it was noted that if things got a bit bad.. and they did :) that i would retreat there for 10 or 15 to calm down a bit.

Good luck to you, keep believing in yourself, and certainly believing you can do this quit.. because you can!!


Hi Dee :D

Well done 3 days done and dusted and the nicotine is all gone from your system now

I'm sorry you had a tough weekend but the irritability is normal for most of us this early in a quit

It's an emotional roller coaster early on but it passes Promise and is all part of the healing we have to go through


Marg xx


Morning Dee

Well done hunnie day three is fab work. Most of the nicotine is gone now and you can build on your three days so far. the first week is the worse and your half way though dont forget to treat yourself and be very proud your doing Fantastic. Go girl.xxxxxx


Hi Dee,

Well done, you've just about cracked the hardest part. As everyone's said, after three days the nicotine is out of your system, but you'll still have to deal with the habit-breaking. Just take each day at a time.

Don't worry about your cranky moods, I'm sure your OH and father are more than happy to put up with a bit of moaning if it means at the end of it you're not smoking.

Enjoy the achievements, three days, brilliant. Half way to the first week. You should be starting to notice some physical changes now. First thing I noticed was I recovered my sense of smell - for good and bad. I'd go to the market every week, but when I went after not smoking for a few days, I was virtually bowled over by the smell of herbs, fruits, cheeses etc. The down-side is my flat and car absolutely stank of stale cigarettes, it was as if something had crawled in and died. Big-time spring clean.

Good luck, keep posting



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