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in for a penny in for a pound


well i can hardly believe its me writing this but yep, I have completed the dreaded 3s. and am starting month 4 being a non smoker today.

My quit buddy gave in so I have the authority to administer 100 face slaps at any time in the future, not necessarily at the same time. I'll hold off for a while though as I think the fact that he was so goddam cocky about beating me before we started (he'd quit for 9 months before, me only 13 days) is a big enough amount of humble pie and slap in the face in itself for now. :D

thought id share this which might be of help to some of the rest of you -

here's the stats it pumped out for me...

me - Free and Healing for Three Months, 15 Hours and 55 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 9 Days and 15 Hours, by avoiding the use of 2780 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £697.63.

i'm so happy that I'm doing this - thanks to all that helped me in the early stages, there was many of you who dug deep and offered support when it was most vital. Big thanks especially to Jase who time and time again spent a lot of time giving me the rationalisation of situations that my psyche needed to combat the lies being generated my the nicodeamons. Thanks mate. lifesaver - litterally!

i dont think that ive fully adjusted yet to the new non smoking me but i have made the transition mentally from being someone who is giving up smoking to someone who is a non smoker.

thats a big step.

btw, when do you teeth start to get totally white? i mean i guess its different for everyone and depends on how well you'd looked after them and stuff but ive still got nicotine staines on the back of my teeth and want them to go!!

havent been to the dentist for bloody years so maybe a trip is in order at some point.

also seem to be getting a grip on the excessive drinking that took over when I was first quitting, feel way more calm and relaxed but think there is still some to go yet.

the best thought is that on new years day I will be moving into month 6. nice!

hope all are well,

Bman :)

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Ha!!!!!! now this is indeed a nice post to see :)

What a pleasure it is to read, you had a hell of alot on your plate to deal with and came through like an absolute trooper and thats been the real key to your quit there fella!! I was glad to help you out with some guiding words, but the real work was done by you. You stuck in there, and came out a winner.

Really glad you've done it, and if you get any more 'moments' of need, you know where to find me. *ANY TIME*

What a great thought knowing we'll be in the month 6 forum come new year though.. hadn't even thought that far ahead but daaaamn.. your right :)

I'll pass on one small bit of advice though.. don't whatever you do make my mistake of last year.. no tiny cigar at christmas. Have beer/spirits yeah.. but no smoke. Still can't believe I did that last year now.. in fact the more i think about it now, the more i think how crazy a notion it was for me to hold that a cigar was 'a treat'.. bah. all past now.. but passing on the advice all the same.

WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations bman on completing 3 months :)

Only 8 days left and you reach what i consider a very important milestone the big 100 days.

Good luck with your quit here's to many more months/years.

Well done Bman. We've come a long way. Interesting thought about New Year. Probably be the first time I won't be making the usual resolution which I break within 24 hrs. :p

no tiny cigar at christmas. ...the more i think how crazy a notion it was for me to hold that a cigar was 'a treat'..

that's good advice and definitely worth keeping in the forefront of my mind i think, cos that could easily happen when i get together with my brothers :eek:

Probably be the first time I won't be making the usual resolution which I break within 24 hrs. :p

yeah same - thats a lovely thought isnt it. my resolutions might actually stick this year!

Well done, bman! Glad you got a strong quit going!

Your teeth are not going to get white by themselves..... if you go for a tooth cleaning at the dentist, they should be able to get the stains off the behind the teeth. Try the Crest Whitestrips...... they are relatively cheap and reviews say they work just as well as professional whitening.

Things are going to get easier each month.... you may not feel you have 'fully adjusted yet' but time will take care of that! You just keep truckin ;)

Hi Bman :D

Great you're in your 4th month well done you Big Hug on it's way for you

I'm sorry your friend gave in though as he was doing well the last I heard glad you're holding off on the slaps like you I think maybe enough humble pie for now after he was so sure he's do it and not you

You have some nice stas there as well keep irt going but I know you will and I'm really pleased that you now feel like a non smoker as you say tht's a big step

I think maybe a trip to the dentist for advice about the teeth is your best bet

And come new year it'll be almost a full 1/2 year smoke free


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Hey bman

Good to see you still around.

Well done on entering month 4!

Hey Bman.......well done to you:D Im so glad you are still going strong that is really great news;)

Congrats too bman, really impressed. Been having a bit of a time meself too but seems to be evening out, doing month 5 at the moment, roll on the day when I can't remember how long it was since I stopped smoking.

Once again very well done you.

Well done!

I treated myself to teeth whitening on the bottoms ones. The top ones had veneers instead as the smoking had knackered them totally. I smile now instead of looking grumpy all the time.

3 months done and dusted, well done that's brilliant.

Wishing you many more.


CONGRATULATIONS, B-man!!! Keep going strong! You have a great attitude and that is going to help you all the way. Jody

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