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Benefits of being a non smoker already

Hey folks,

Since week three seems to be for some reason quite tough in terms of downers, depression and horribleness i thought we could maybe put down the benefits we have already seen in our lives by quitting even at this early stage maybe help re motivate some of us who are feeling awful as i was yesterday.

I can breathe so much better, im 27 and i never realised how out of breathe i was before

Ive saved over a hundred quid already by not puffing.

I can smell washing powder of my clothes and shampoo in my hair lol

My fingers and not yellow and stinking of nicotine, my teeth are whiter, my breathe doesnt stink and i do not have the breath of death in the morning lol, i can smell everything and taste much better.

I do not have to plan my life around when i can get my next fix.

I do not have to go to the shop every day to throw over five quid down the drain.

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Hi Elaine :)

I'm sorry you had a rough day yesterday and think this thread will help you and others who may be struggling a bit

You've already noticed a lot of the benefits of quitting but there are lots more still to come for you Promise


Marg xxx


Hi elaine, sorry yesterday was rough, hope the rest of week 3 is better. Dont sweat over the week number though not everyone gets the week 3 blues.

You are so right it is amazing you quickly you feel the benefits of not smoking....hope you are rewarding yourself with all this extra cash...I did on week one and feel that as I am now in week 4 a bit of retail therapy is in order today..

Stay strong...x


Hi Elaine, like you, week 3 has been tough but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

the benefits are amazing, I've felt it when swimming and at the gym, climbing stairs etc... my lungs are working better already.

My sense of smell seems also much more sensitive and I've struggled with some pretty strong smells! :rolleyes:

I smell better and my clothes don't stink of smoke anymore.

I haven't really had a bad cough so far although my voice is a bit croaky.

Overall I feel so much better and so proud I made this decision and stuck with it :)

Roll on week 4!


Hi Elaine

We are at about the same point in the quit. I try to do this daily (think of how amazing it is to be a nonsmoker). So, here are a few:

not feeling like a leper -- dirty and worthless

airports/flying -- looking forward to going on a longhaul flight later this month WITHOUT being a wreck and making life inconvenient for my husband

money! I'm making a career shift and would feel terribly guilty making less money but still spending on the evil weed

not feeling like I'm going to end up with a self-induced disease

I could go on and on!

best wishes



You are doing great Elaine, week 3 can be a bit of a nuisance see my link about it. Your positives are just great I enjoyed reading them.



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