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Quit 5 August

Does that make me month 2?

Anyway, it's always good to get on here and read about all the good folks getting off the weed.

I managed 4 months last year and then...ooops:eek:

All the same things that people say on here are true.

Smoking is pure madness!

This time!

Good luck to all...anyone need a team member? i'm feeling the need of a bit of contact, really. Plus it's nice to support other people...

Still puffing on my puffer about one a day, but I'm going to drop them soon...Just not sure quite when.


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Hi Bill :D

You're doing great well done and yes you stopped 5th Aug that means over 2 months completed so you're in month 3 which is even better


Marg xxx



Well done mate.

Yeah - Month 3. See you there on Monday.

Packing up - getting ready to move!


Hi Billy

Long time no speak. Well done mate month 3 make this the one Bill. Dont keep putting yourself though the first few week. The longer we go the easyer it gets.xxxxxx


Hi Bill great to hear you're in month 3 (again)!!

I'm 2 weeks in front of you - have stopped for 10 weeks(again) now with Champix help(again). Am in process of weaning myself off the wonder drug - half a tablet morning & half at night. Going to try just the morning half next week.

Am doing OK - stress and boredom are the times when I think I need a cig!


Hi Pammy :D

Well done on your 10 weels smoke free that's great keep it going


Marg xx


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