No Smoking Day
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Day 7 today :)

Day 7 i've done a week already. First three days were the worst...i feel very good and positive now.

While forum was down i have been keeping myself busy and only have naughty thoughts (about cigarettes of course) every now and again!

this feeling is too good to sink back down to where i was and i have to remember how good it is withough the fags!

how are we all getting on??

i'll be in the week 2 room tomorrow, how about that!! hehe

take care

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well done 1 full week

enjoy week 2 you will sail through..



Excellent stuff Stevie...and getting on with it whilst the forum was down too.

You got the makings of a successful quit going buddy :)

Sing out when you need to ;)

Keep on keepin' on,



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