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Week 3 with a few relapses

Hi everyone

Haven't been on here for a little while.

I am on week three now, well it will be a month on Monday.

I have had some difficult times with the quit, and on week 2 bought a packet of 10, smoked 2 and scrunched the rest of pack into rubble. Another day bought another pack of 10 and smoked the whole packet. I bought the electric cigarette but then found I was getting addicted to that and it just made me want to smoke even more, so ditched that completely and have gone back to cold turkey method.

I have not had any ciggarette since Sunday and feel I am going to crack it this time. I have a different mind set now to when I first started nearly three weeks ago, which is "I AM SETTING MYSELF FREE"

How everyone copes is different, I have done it mainly cold turkey but with a few relapses, but maybe that is just part of the course and the main thing is that I haven't given up on the quitting.

I am feeling better to, my skins is better, my sense of smell is returning but I am eating like a P?G LOL and have a head cold today so streaming nose.

Anyway good luck everyone and I'll post again next week.

Giving up is not easy, but it will be worth it, especially now winter is upon us.


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Welcome back Madhatter its good to see you.

Remember its not how many times you try and quit its the here and now that matters.

You sound like you are in the right mind set now so I wish you all the luck in the world.

Keep us updated.



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