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6 weeks and thank you!


I'm sorry I haven't been on here since week 3. I just wanted to say thanks.

I am now in my 6th week and I am very proud of myself for properly giving up for the first time ever. Some days I fancy one but tell myself how horrible it will taste and make me feel and choose not too. Not even a sneaky puff despite pressures!!

Bit of a turning point last night, had my first night of drinking with my smoker friend and although enjoyed sniffing her smoke! (she was a bit unnerved!) I didn't even miss or want a puff so am doubly proud of myself!

Anyway getting back to the reason for my post, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported me in those early weeks (and going forward too especially as I'm sure bad days may come!). Reading all the messages and being involved in a group which is so postive and supportive has been the main factor in my success. I know I definitely wouldn't have done it without this forum. So big thanks and hugs!

I am hoping my new PMA will help me when I join a diet club tonight! I choose not to drink wine today!! lol Seriously though I'm amazed at how this positive attitude has helped and really think this will be change me going forward as have big confidence issues!

Thank you!! Good luck and will check in again soon! Donna xxx

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6 weeks, bloody hell that is fantastic, well done you should be so proud:)


Well done!

Feels good doesn't it? This isn't my first attempt at quitting, I did try twice before over the last 24 years of puffing, but this time it feels more real.

I think the fact that no-one can smoke inside premises anymore really helps. The pub is ok this time, previous attempts were hampered by the fact that everyone in the boozer was lighting up next to you!

Mind you, since the smoking ban most pubs seem to really stink of BO:D

I know that if I had a ciggie now it would make me feel dizzy and sick, and that is what stops me from having one.

If you can quit smoking, you can master anything! It takes amazing self control to stop smoking, so well done to all of us, next stop Prime Minister:p


well done!

Well done Donna, that's brilliant! I too haven't been in the forum for ages and agree, people here have been extremely supportive, I am on my 8th week next monday and I think this forum has been really helpful so keep up the great work and best of luck with everything, and best wishes to everyone else here too.:)


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