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Had a bit of a hard time, but made it through

I was sorting through boxes of old stuff and found pictures of my family at my dad's funeral. The tables are all covered with ashtrays and everyone smoking. Apart from the sadness of the event, it was a reminder of how we all used to smoke. Anyway, I had a bit of a hard I was giving something up that's been a part of me and my family for a very long time. Thank goodness, it passed!

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Hey Elisabeth.... sorry you had a tough time.... reminiscing can be tough.... I'm sure you miss your dad. Please don't make the mistake of reminiscing about cigarettes though....... when you do that, you give your addiction power..... you start missing them and your brain will automatically think it is missing out..... and then you'll want one even more making your quit harder than it needs be.

That something that has been part of your family is called addiction..... and you letting go of that is like a celebration for your loved ones...... all (well most) smokers want to quit and you are doing it, so be proud of what you are doing :)

You're in your second week? Congratulations and well done! Welcome to the forum!


Hi Elizabeth Well done and Bella's right, dont feel you have lost smoking, you have broken free of its nasty clutches, be proud


Day 14 and doing fine!

Had a bit of a hard time last night, but am fine now. Thanks for your kind comments and encouragement everyone.


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