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New Day - New folder


Ta da.....drum roll please!!!

*PP does a no hands somersault straight into the splits position and waves pom poms*

I'm here. I made it into the Week 2 folder. Day 8 today and a day off work and for once I have absolutely nothing planned. I'm normally here there and everywhere and it feels weird. My house is all tidy so don't have that to do.

Since my bf moved out it's been bliss!!! No pants, socks or wet towels strewn around. Like a little, feminine palace of peace and karma once more. Think after I've walked the pooch am just going to enjoy doing sweet F.A.

Anyone have any rainy day film recommendations??

PP xx

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sounds bliss PP....welcome to week 2 :D

Impressed with the

L x

I find Love Actually and Some Like It Hot uplifting movies, perfect for a rainy day :)

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Well done Pingu, My hubby has buggered off for a while now and I am looking forward to an easy life for a bit. A good book is Kathy Lettes new one, cant remember what its called but its a follow on from her How to kill your husband and other handy hints

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