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hey there

hi, errm im not sure exactly how to start this but here goes....

...i've decided to stop smoking, i'm a 24 yr old male from Merseyside and I have been smoking since I was 16, i've given up in the past but it has only lasted for around a week at most, this time i'm determined to stop forever though, I stumbled across this forum and thought i would sign up :)

i had one yesterday morning before i decided to quit so i am counting today as day one.

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Hi Curly!!!

Welcome to the forum. Best decision you've made - stick to it!! What are you using for your quit - NRT, Champix or good ol'e willpower?

Whatever method ure using I wish you every sucess and keep using this site -It'll help you loads - its helped me!!!:D


thank you for the warm welcome :D

yeah im just using will power, i tried wearing a patch in the past but i had a bit of a strange reaction where i felt dizzy with it, i havnt tried any other methods i might look into it if the cravings get really bad, but for now im going to try n go it alone hehe

i shall certainly be sticking around to read other peoples experiences and to share my own, so thanks again :D


Hey Curly Bob!

Welcome! Well done for going cold turkey. I don't think it's ever easy whichever route you take, so do whatever you need to, to stay off the fags.

The people on this forum are great and really supportive (I've been on here for 3 days now) and it's really helping with my resolve.

So keep talking, we'll keep listening and we can all be smoke free!

Take Care

LB xx


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