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day 12 post 1


Hey! I’m Chrissie age 25, been smoking 11 years. I’m a mum of 2 and had been thinking of quitting for a long time but when I saw my 4 year old son simulating smoking with a jelly worm I was horrified! It was then my husband and I set a quit date and we are now on day 12! Hubby is markad01 who also sent his first post today! The kids are our main reason for quitting. We don’t them to watch us go through a horrible illness. We don’t want them to end up smoking because they have witnessed mum and dad do it all their life! The money we spend could go on a family holiday. Mark has a son of 13 as well and has already been caught smoking, maybe if he sees us quit he wont do it again. My 6 year old daughter asks us why we smoke and what do you say to that?? With 2 grandparents gone from lung cancer and my mum having several operations from hardening of the arteries and now with angina, quitting was a decision I made long ago but had never managed it! Mark and I have been using lozenges, gum and the inhalator. Quitting together has definitely helped us both stay on track and even though we have our days when we do nothing but bicker we both have a good frame of mind for it and we talk every night about how we are feeling which helps a lot! At day 12 I’m feeling confident, proud and ready for day 13. Breaking an 11 year habit is hard but I’ve decided I’m in control and my filter tip little friends aren’t.:p

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Hi Chrissie and welcome, say the post from Mark earlier, it is good to see both of you here. Well done on your quit 12 days is really good, you should be feeling v proud of yourselves.

Sounds like you have some fab reasons to stop, health, kids, money all big ones. I would suggest that you read the links in some of the sigs you will find them really useful in keeping your head in the right place and if you are feeling a bit down there is plenty there to keep you going.

This forum is a great place to come and rant or rave, share the good days and shout about the bad, there is always someone around to give advice, help or just listen, there is also loads of good advice just sitting around waiting to be read.

there is also quite a social side to the forum and hopefully you will "meet" lots of friendly people to help you through any difficult times you might have.

Well done on quitting, keep strong, and remember Not One Puff Ever (NOPE)

Gratz on your quit!!! I'm quitting for the same reasons as well. Amazing how much if scaires ya when your kids are involed. More power to your hubby and you!!!!!

A welcome from me as well, Chrissie! Best decision you and your husband could make! First time my 5 year old imitated my smoking freaked me out like crazy............. it wasn't always easy to quit but I tell you, it was well worth it. You sound like you have a good attitude and great support, you'll do excellent :) Best of luck to you and your husband!

Hello and welcome from me too.....great to see a couple supporting each other:D...Goodluck to you both.:)

welcome Chrissie and the very best of luck to you both....:)

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