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difficult times

:confused:Hya everyone. this weekend has been very difficult for me. went out friday night which was a killer standing with friend when they popped out for cig. i soooo wanted to have a drag..they even offered me 1 but i said no way! Ended up feeling well proud of myself but still feel like i missing something..daft i only gaining but im waiting for my brain to catch up with that lol

Today is sunday and been hard again.ive done the usal sunday dinner for 7..pots..ironing u know what it like.....but still this nagging in my brain trying to lure me into having the just 1. I know i wont of course..gone too far now and i love the money i have saved so far..just want to be happy. sorry for the

Will be sooooo glad when i dont think aout the damn things ever day.

oh well will have to keep plodding on and at least i got the lozenegrs to keep me calm lol that my family is pleased for! O before i go th anger i felt at first has gone thnk god so something is getter better lol

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Hey Marie, so sorry to hear that things have been a bit shaky for you but you did so great staying strong when someone offered you a drag! What you are going through is quite normal and you'll need to just push through it..... you are in your 3rd week? Try reading up about the terrible 3's...... helped me to read and learn that I was not the only one who felt like this and more importantly to learn that feeling like this does not last.

You've come a long and tough way...... stay strong........... it is going to get easier very, very soon! xxx


Thank u manny and bellablue.It didnt click about the terrible 3 thingy.Like u say i have come so far and theres noooooooo way i want to go bak too feeling like a prisoner to them terrible white sticks again!! Thanks for the support..i will probably have another rant but as long as i dont smoke eh!


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