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nearly 4 but why???

Went out last night, yesterday was my 3rd day without patches, i didnt smoke, although, couldve died for a drag but i resisted. but, for nearly 4 weeks im still thinkin about cigarettes like more than i think i should be, does anyone else find that?? i know nicotine is out of my body, so why did i feel like i was craving last night??

xx Cat xx

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I went the full period on patches for the hell of it.. but if you've finished patches early and haven't had a patch on for 3 days, then its quite normal i'd say for you to be having cravings.

When i stopped using patches, it was 4-5 days later before things normalised, but i have no idea if this will be the same after only 3-4 weeks quit as this is still very early on in your quit.


well aparently it only takes 3 days for the nicotine to get out of ur system though so i dont think i should be craving, alot of this is psychological for me. i had to stop the patches because of health reasons, but i did want to go the full way with them n work down, its abit wierd actually, the whole thing. oh well, just hope the days go quickly xx


ok then, lets presume that the weaning off the patches is like i experienced it..

My experience post patches was that the first 5 days after coming off the patches I was irritable, and yes i had some cravings, but not for smoking.. more just that i seemed to be missing the intake of nicotine itself.

Now if you consider that i got this after coming off the 7mg patches, you may well experience the cravings a little more intense due to you coming off the higher dose patch and having not gone as long on them.

You are right that nicotine leaves your body in 3 days , but how your body and mind reacts to the lack of it is another story entirely. The best you can do right now is tackle those cravings as best you can. (check them links in my signature for some good tips to use) and see how you feel after say.. 5 days.. you may well find now that as the days go on, the craving feelings you are having will lessen anyway.


Same Here


I'm nearly up to 4 weeks free and have done it cold turkey, but I still get cravings. I know once an addict, always an addict but do they ever go completely away??

I've been out with friends for the past 3 weekends and they all smoke and I've sat outside with them and it hasn't bothered me in the slightest but other times, even when on my own away from temptation, I could scream for one.


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