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Day 5 - Back to Apples

Hi all

Day 1 was carrots, day 2 carotts and apple, day 3 apples, day 4 was Apricots and raisins (didnt like them), back to apples for day 5.

Big fear coming - THE WEEKEND!!!! might just stay in bed all weekend.

My wife is on patches (day 5) and she is doing well. although ive never seen her wadrobe looking so tidy.

Looking forward to Day 6.



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Well done on getting to day 5!

I've got myself a puzzle and a colouring book (don't laugh :D) for when things get tough...anything that takes your mind off the dreaded weed will help!

keep it up!

JJ x


We all do what we have to do to get through the first few days.....I chewed chewing gum like an old cow:eek: Congrats Paul on day 5 and your wife too....well done:D


I had an apple thing going for the first week or so. Strange that. Maybe there's some apple:smoking relationship yet to be discovered by scientists.

We might be on to something.

Good luck with the weekend - and well done. Keep going



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