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Day 12

Hi everyone. day 12.Slowly getting used to doing things as a none smoker.I have found excercise really helps. still getting really wound up and now noticing my heartbeats think it must be the lozenegrs.Within the next week i want to try and come off them and see how it goes.

Trying my hardest not to be nasty to me hubby lol

I didnt realise how much spare time u have as a none smoker! Its amazing...and the energy..well i cant describe that! Thats all well and good as long as u have somewhere to channel that energy tho.Thats what im struggling with at the mo..especially in the evenings...i have all this enerygy are in bed...had enough of housework.....hubby wants to relax and watch tele after a hard days work..but im hyper..then get frustrated cause i dont know what to do with myself lol

Glad everyone keeping up the good work!


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You are doing really well Marie, day 12 that is fantastic. You must be so proud of yourself. :)


Hi Marie

Very well done babes 12 days is fab work. You will soon be in week three your doing great.xxxxx


The extra energy and time can be difficult at first to get used to, but eventually it evens out a bit.

Does make you realise how lethargic smoking made you over the years eh!

Well done on getting to this stage of your quit, and heres to many many more days/weeks yet.


Well done, what an achievement, keep going


Awww thanks u lot. this site sooooo supportive! Well i have pinched my kids mp3 player and my daughter put some music on it on for me....well for the past hour been dancing round the room like a bloody loony with headphones on lol

On the posative hubby loving my extra energy;)

Cant wait to get to gym tomorrow with this mp3 player..there will be no stopping me lol


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