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6 weeks done! - But Baaaaaaad Weekend

Hello all - back for my new fix!! We'll its better than than the old one.

Thanks to all those I've talked to already.

Had an awful weekend. Woke up on Saturday with a pain in my hip - nothing terrible and I've had it before - like if you've slept awkward. In the past I would have just gone and had a ciggie and that would be that. But the devil cigs have messed up my moods haven't they, coz this little bit of pain, combined with the broken shoulder (that I am coping with well ) sent me into a spiralling depression. Totally unreasonable.

So been a right moany depressed bugger all weekend - a joy for all my friends.

But have had a good night's sleep and do feel more positive today.

It's times like these that make me REALLY want to continue with my quit - what have these cigs been doing to me all these years!!

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Its like sticking 2 fingers up to the cigs when you are having a craving or in a bad mood and really want one. But well done you, its not that bad here in month 2 everyone is so commited and welcoming. Keep going, your friends will understand and it wont be for long before your back to your old self.




Hi - and cheers.

Yeah - am sure I will. Have actually felt better the last hour or so since I've been here - this really is THE place!

I may even work out what some things mean in time as well (like Penthouse).


The Penthouse is where you get champagne on arrival, basket of fruit and bouquet of flowers not to mention chocolates from belgium all to welcome you after hitting the 1 year target. Not only do you get a sea view you get a balcony as well. The room is just the best place to be.

If you need any further clarification of words or meanings shout out there are loads of us here to let you know.



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