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No Smoking Day
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Morning All

After yesterdays feeling totally and utterly sorry for my self I am not too bad today. Still really tired but in a better mood.

Thanks to everyone yesterday (you know who you are mwah) that gave me lots of PMA.

Oh and thanks to all those that told me to go and treat myself - mmmmmmmmm the bank are not very happy :eek:

Now what are going to do today without the loving insults from murphs? :)

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good morning, you sound chirpy today.

so what did you treat yourself to? and can we share?

if it's insults you crave, i can normally help out, but maybe not today:eek:


After reading some of the posts that have gone on whilst I was shopping, I think there have been enough insults to last a lifetime.

Well what did I buy:

Youngest Son: electric scooter for his 7th birthday next week, party invitations and party bags and everything to go into said party bags. Also finished off paying for the hall that I have hired.

Youngest daughter (step): paper - she loves drawing

Step Son: some cheap army figures, you know the ones those plastic things

Eldests daughter: gave her some money cos she needs her roots doing

OH: for doing so well on his giving up and supporting me COD game for the WII, racing game for the WII and the new dizzy rascal cd (which apparently he doesnt want cos he bought it on monday!)

Me: Would you believe - nothing.

Always the same, I go spend money on everyone else and never bother with myself. I am the person that loves to see peoples faces when I give them stuff, not really that bothered about buying for myself. Wont buy any new clothes at the min while I am trying to give up and putting on weight, but will be treating myself once I have lost the weight.

How are you today Bev? Have you heard from Bradders, bit worried about him to be honest. :)


Hi Younme

Glad you feel better today




think Bradders is suffering at the mo, would love it if he would get to the doctors, but don't think he will. all we can do is be here when he needs us, i have him on facebook and i have his e-mail, so i will keep sending him our support.

as for me, well feeling good it has to be said, my OH came home with flowers for me last night, and i was like "what have you done" he said he remebered that it was 4 fully completed weeks for me. :eek: ok so yeh i felt really bad.

i have loads to do today, so i will be floating around but might not get chance to post as much.

Glad u had fun shopping, even if you didn't get anything for yourself.

keep up the good fight.


arh bless thats so nice of your OH, mine does things like that - well not at the moment cos we are snipping at each other all the time - but we will be o.k. I am not worried.

If you speak to bradders, tell him he knows where I am if he needs to chat, pity I am not on facebook otherwise I could chat to him.

Hope you have a nice day



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