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Harder 2nd Week

Well...week 1 was easy. The 2nd one has not been so forgiving. I probably stressed myself out thinking things had to get harder.

I have had a few very stressed days at work, but strangely didnt think about smoking during work it was only after when I was at home thinking about how bad the day had been.

Though saying that I know this is the best decision Ive ever made, and it has changed my whole perception on smoking.

ALL of my friends smoke and I don't want to be perceived as looking down my nose at them, but I know a lot of them would prefer not to smoke but can't admit it.

The whole "take one day at a time" motto is a life saver sometimes though.

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ugh - don't say week 2 is harder - I'm on my first week and its been a complete 'mare:(

You sound like your coping well - some days I feel like I'm trying to climb a greasy pole with one hand behind my back and a rabid dog hanging off of my other arm - other days not so bad. (can't think of the reverse of the whole "pole" synario)

Keep up the good work and keep setting the good example :D


Hi Paul :)

Sorry you're finding this 2nd week harder but it happens sometimes but bear with it it does get better again

Hi PD :)

I'm also sorry you're finding this first week tough at times but once through the first week you'll feel better and better




Oh thanks Margareth!

I am feeling better (honest) just a whirlwind of emotions right now!!!!!:confused: But I'm never going back ot the dreaded cigs:D

Roll on week 2 (officially starts this Friday wheyyyyyy):eek:


ah if uve had a bad first week i bet the 2nd one is easy mate!

ive not been too bad today actually. no really bad cravings though, which is a good thing


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