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Day 17

Morning everyone, day 17 and not too good today so may not be around much but doesnt mean to say I am not thinking of you all.

Went to Slimming World last night only to find that I have manged to put on half stone in 2 weeks, so all the good I did before smoking was for nothing really. But I am determined now to loose weight and keep off the cigs. It didnt make me want to go out and have a smoke afterwards but it did make me want to go to the chippy!

Had a rubbish nights sleep again and I am sick and tired of being so bloody tired all the time and I wish these damn headaches would go away - I have a mountain of work to do, my house is a sh@t tip, the ironing pile is turning into a mountain that with all the energy I should have (which I havent) I could climb, my youngest got up not feeling well today and as the bad mum I am I sent him to school anyways cos I decided that if I have to come to work feeling like cr@p then he should go school - now guilt is taking over and I am wondering whether he is o.k. I havent made anybodys lunch today, OH has a pot noodle and the kids have money! I want to sit here and put my head in my hands and cry.

I dont think this is due to quitting I think this is due to just being tired, run down and having a headache. Its just a bad day, just like the ones that I had before quitting!

Apologies everyone, I dont want to bring everyone down or feel sorry for me I just needed to say how I was feeling. The guy that shares my office is on holiday so am on my own which isnt helping cos I am proper feeling sorry for myself.

Dont get me wrong, I dont want a fag I really dont in fact nothing further from my mind, I would love a massive cake or bar of chocolate right now but guess I will have to make do with some grapes!

Sorry again guys. Hope everyone else is having a good day and dont forget to keep supportin each other.


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Morning J, you have what i had yesterday, poormeitus, take the day and wallow in it, your right in that we had these days before we quit so we are going to have them after we quit.

Sorry about the weight thing, i know how you feel, i haven't dared get on the scales for about 3 weeks, i just don't want to know, at least you are facing the problem and dealing with it, i'm just hiding:eek:

You are doing really well and we are all really proud, think of something you could get to cheer yourself up, ok but not a cake, clothes, book, smellies, planning a treat can be almost as good as the treat and it will keep your mind busy.

Sorry to hear about your little un, i have 3 and have sent them to school with a variety of ill's, the school will get in touch if necessary.

Keep up the good work, and remember we are hear to listen to you moan all day if it helps.


Hi J,

Congrats on 17 days, you're more than half way to the one month board :D

I know just how you feel, my moods have been up and down since I quit, and you get some days where you just can't take anything at all. It happens to the best of us. My solution usually is to find some good mood music and play it really loud, although the trick is that for me it needs to be good mood music that you've not listened to in ages, otherwise I find I get bored too quickly with it.

If that doesn't help, put an awesome film on and either cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy it or just potter about doing little bits and pieces.

Hope this helps you love.

Take care and good luck,



Morning chuck,

I you feel like having a big cry then just go ahead. Sometimes you feel much better after you've let it all out of your system. Don't worry about the weight gain thing. It'll soon come off again once your body adjusts.

The thing with having a bad day when you've quit is that it is exactly the same as a bad day before you're quit. BUT think of it this way, at least you're not smoking which makes this not as much of a bad day as any of the bad days you've ever had before (if that makes sense!)

Go and spend your fag money on something lovely (not clothes, if you're anything like me then shopping for clothes when you're having a fat day is miserable)

Handbags and shoes always work for me....(they always fit!)

Hmmm after reading my own advice, I want a new handbag......oh, oh.......internet shopping YESSSSSSS!!!!

Chin up you miserable git!!

PP xx


Folk? don't ever work for the samaritans.


HI Guys - had a really good cry - now I have read puffy eyes :) Got the radio on albeit a little too quiet for my liking but boss would have a fit if he could hear it. Been on the internet shopping, not for me though for my youngest whos birthday it is next week so I have just ordered his present which has made me smile.

Just spoke to OH who has promised to cook tea tonight and sort the kids out whilst I clean the house - the ironing will have to wait.

Going to take some nitol tonight and see whether that helps. No point fighting the bad moods I suppose just have to suck it up and get on with it. :D


Good girl!!! Glad you're fighting this....

P.S. I took some nitol last night and within half an hour I was in the land of nod...didn't even wake once in the night.


Hi J :)

First well done you on 17 days and well into your 3rd week so this could be the 3 week blues you have here

Chin up everything you're feeling is normal for this stage of a quit keep going it gets better promise


Marg xxxxx


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