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Morning peeps, hows things with everyone today.

Day 16! But I am going back to slimming world tonight. All the good I did up to a couple of weeks ago has gone out of the window as I consumed more in calories over 16 days than I have in a lifetime and I know that I should have not eaten the things I did and should eat some healthy (tasts like cardboard) rubbish but I enjoyed every minute of all the fatty rubbishy foods (like the minstrels I am munching on right now lol).

But I dont care cos I know that I have give up smoking and everything else will be a walk in the park. If I can quit something i have done for way too long, loosing 1.5st is going to be a breeze. (well it was 1.5st just hope I havent put on tooooo much weight).

So now not only will I be keeping you informed of my quit saga but unfortunately you are all going to have to put up with my weight saga.

Any hows, have a good smoke free day people.


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Hi Younme,

I'm doing fine!

I'm with you on the weight issue. Only on Day 5 of not smoking and already my works trousers are very very toight!!! I completely believe that if I focus too much on every issue then I'll fail at them all so I've been the main purchasor of cream horns from tesco's these days and feel not a jot of shame.

I'll deal with the weight when I've been smoke free 1 month - thats my promise to myself.

Good luck with the the slimming club - share the tips because I'll flaming need them:D


A word of encouragement - " they " say that you have to carry an additional 90 lbs in weight to incurr the same health risk as smoking !!! Just focus on your quit if you can and as other friends on here say - you can deal with the weight issue further down the line - if you are strong enough to give up the cigs you will face anything with a better mindset than ever before - good luck to you - Peta


Hi J,

Into your 3rd week, that seems to have gone pretty quick. Well done.

Good luck with the weight loss - perhaps I should join up too!



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