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1 Month today!!!!

Hi everyone,

Not been posting much the last few days. Had a hectic weekend at work. still here. Only just. Had a few glasses of red last night and the temptation to rip my patch off and stick a ciggie in my mouth was immense. BF still has his lying about so it's so hard. It was horrible after we had had a lovely meal and some wine and all I could think about was wanting one :(

I think it's just a habit thing and I haven't truly broken that yet. I need to start feeling like a non-smoker and not an ex-smoker

On the up side though - I made it to the gym this morning!!! Put some loud rock music on the i pod and went for it. Chest feels a bit better than it used to but I feel the true benefits have yet to materialise. Am hoping that starting training again with keep me motivated. to work now. Another (smoke free) day another dollar

PP xx

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Come on PP

You can't go a month to fall at the last hurdle, remind yourself of the coughing, wheezing and the lying to yourself that you used to do. You say that your still waiting for the true benefits at the gym but just think you wouldn't be there if you were carrying a oxygen cylinder round with you.

Your doing fine keep it up

with you Caroline


Penguinpower - hang in there!!

One month is amazing but don't get down for wanting a cig - just remember that the cravings will hit but ride them out like you've been doing and you'll be fine!

You must have great willpower to have a partner that smokes and not to let that interfere with your quitting but just remember that if you slip its square one and is it really worth it? I know that when I quit earlier this year (for a grand total of 3 days) the first cig I smoked tasted awful and I coughed my head off. So not worth it but that was enough to knock my attempt on the arse.

Keep going - you’re doing great and congratulations for being smoke free for 744 hours!!!!:D


Hi PP :D

Great a whole month done and dusted well done keep it going

Doesn't matter if it's only just what matters is you're still here and still smoke free

It gets much easier as you go along and you have a whole load of benefits to come yet Promise




Thanks everyone,

I'm back on form again after my bad cravings last night. I will not let this beat me. I'm riding it out with pure stubborness. I am flatly refusing to smoke. I have spent today's "cigarette money" on an array of freshly squeezed juices instead. Loving the pineapple!!

PP xx


Bloody good for you! Honestly, the craves do get better, then you learn to ignore them! Keep going and push through this bit, it does get beeter even for a stinky penguin :p


Way to go!!! Congratulations!!! I'm on day 32 myself and I still feel like a smoker too. I cave all the time and actually found a old pack of smokes the other day. herd the dramatic music in my head and all LOL. Dreams are weird when I sleep anyway and I'm in a bad mood most of the time as well. What keep me going I think is my son. I'm trying to prove what I tell him. anything is possible. I want to see him do well in life. He's seen me smoke for 13 years so this may be something that motivates him for the rest of his life. God I hope so. He keeps cheering me on and that helps a ton too. Just find your reason. I'm not by any means out of the wood but I'm on the trail. Good luck and keep it up.


32 without a Smoke WOOT!!


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