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Day 15

Wow, day 15. I have started to get a lot of headaches that just wont go away, yesterday I was pretty useless all day cos all I wanted to do was sleep through it. Me and OH took the dog for a really long walk which helped, till I got back home again. Couldnt eat tea cos just felt sick with it. But suppose its just another symptom, all these symptoms of nic release just wish it would get easier.

Unfortuantely due to feeling like a piece of poo yesterday didnt do any baking so unfortunately you dont have anything to go with your morning brew - apologies. Will make it up to you next week.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Keep stong everyone.


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Hi J

Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a crappy weekend but the good news is its over 2 weeks and that conquers all.

Well done Caroline


Hi Caroline, glad to be back in work to be honest, it means I can come on here and I always feel better when I read everyone elses tales. It keeps my mind occupied as well, even though I dont get very much work done lol.



Hi, I got some truly rubbish headaches in the first few weeks too, but they went away eventually. Week three can be an issue for some people, if so the brace yourself, it goes away quite quickly! Well done and keep posting on here!! x


Hi J :)

Sorry you're suffering with bad heads at the moment I had them as well but they did go after a while




Thanks guys, its always good to hear that its not just me thats going through these things.



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