No Smoking Day
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good morning beautiful people

hello forum peeps-what a wonderful morning, feel great ready to grab the day!!!

don't know why im posting-got nowt important, igenius or inspirational to say, just thought i would share my good mood with ya!!!!

just goes to show-life really does get back to normal after smoking-you become a more relaxed happier person

big blooming kisses and hugs to you all


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and a good morning to you too. it is inspirational just to hear how happy you are as a non smoker, thanks for that. and i also feel better for having a hug.


Hi Shabba :D

YAy great to hear from you again

I agree life really does get back to normal only better as a non smoker

I'm also far more relaxed and much happier as well since I quit

Might even make it to Yorkshire one of these days

Love and a Huge Hug

Marg xxxxx


Whats wrong with us all, monday morning and we are sooooo relaxed' must be something in the smoke free air


I am grumpy. But then again, I am always grumpy. But a little less now i've seen this chipper post! Do you feel like you're in big school posting in the 1 year thread??!



Didn't have computers when I was at school just carrier pigeons and I think your deluding yourself too dear



Hey, I am a most young spring chicken;) Anyway, its a northern thing, this lack of any modern tech stuff. It just gets stolen all the time.:p


Hi Shabba!!

I can't say I'm feeling quite as good as you - I have a horrid sickness bug. I have spent half the night chundering:(

I'm not really surprised, half my class were away last week with it and 2 other staff have been off, it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me.

The good side is that my OH is running around looking after me!:D


Manny yer a cheeky git-i get high on life darling not crappy drugs(inc.nicotine) or cannabis ect!!!! Its just great to be alive!!!!!!!!! happy days x

AWWWWWWW Jerry-lee hope you get better soon, luckily i havent caught anything from my students yet-apart from insanity!!!!! get that husband of yours running around girl!!! because when HE gets it, it will be twice as bad;)

huge hug to my 'mummy m'



because when HE gets it, it will be twice as bad


HOW TRUE! I'm much better today, have been back to work. I am seriously dreading my hubby getting ill - I don't have a lot of sympathy I'm afraid!


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