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No Smoking Day
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felt geat on day 7, now I feel crap again..what is going on?


Wll I was starting to feel really good on day seven after having horrible stomach aches, the runs, headaches and I thought I had turned a corner. Today I feel crap again, stocmach cramps and headache - does this every end... Im having crazy thoughts that I felt better when I smoked. _ cold turkey the last 8 days - please help

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Hey Chris,

don't give up, okay! It's only been 8 days (which is a major achievement, don't get me wrong!!) but you will feel much better soon..... people get all kinds of side effects when they quit smoking but it all returns back to normal with time. Just keep going and take it one day at a time.

So you're having crazy thoughts that you felt better when you smoked........ of course! The reason being that you are addicted to nicotine.... that's all. It is the addiction speaking, believe me!!! When you are addicted to nicotine, you need your fix, and every time you get your fix, you will need another and another.......... if you want to experience freedom from that, you will continue on with your quit. It gets easier........ trust me. It may be hard right now......... but it's the prize you have to pay for a life free of addiction. Hang in there, okay! It's hard I know, but each day gets a bit better.

More great people will leave their advice, and support you soon! Stay strong :)


Hi Chris :)

I agree with Bella this is all down to quitting and it will pass just hang in there

Also the addiction is to blame for the thoughts of feeling better when you smoked

Those sneaky little B............d Nico :eek: Demons are getting desperate by now just ignore them and keep doing as you have been

It get better the further you go Promise




Chris watch my must see video if you can

Thinking of you Caroline


Hi Chris, so sorry to hear your feeling crap. i will echo what all the above have said it does indeed get better. I am day 26 CT, and to be honest i have stopped counting days now, no lies, there are times when i think "oh bugger this i'm having a fag" but not very often and it doesn't last long.

Picture yourself smoke free, what kind of treats are planning?

Also what would happen if you had a fag, how would you feel, and you would have to do the last 8 days again:eek:

Stay strong, i know it can be hard, sending you some PMA and loads of hugs (((((((((((((())))))))))))))) hope you feel better soon.


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