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day 7,

Hello all. Thank you all for your supportive words. It has been pretty easy and enjoyable being a non-smoker again this week. It feels really good to be back on track.

Today has been a hard day, lots of irritating things and a negative feeling I cant quite name or shake.... However time of the month is due so I recon it is probably that (sorry guys!) haha!!! so i I am trying not to take it seriously. i feel happy at being a week into my ciggarette liberation but sad that I fell off the wagon. I think each landmark will be a little bitter sweet as I really felt that they would be the last ones i would have to go through last time :(. however all I can do is learn from that and stay positive.

So climbing back up to another room tomorrow, penthouse here I come (again!)


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Well done you. Just because you have done it before doesn't mean you can't ask for all the help again, we are all here for you.

Wishing you many many more smoke-free days.



The best you can do is learn from your mistakes and make sure you don't repeat them. Just in the same way that when folk wrong you in life, you learn to be very cautious of them in future.

The main thing is you move forward.. you know the path, you know what the road to being long term quit is like.. and you now know what you need to avoid once you are where you want to be.

so good luck... i'm sure you'll succeed and be back up there as a long-term non-smoker soon enough.



Hi Sachmo :D

Well done a whole week quit that's great

I think most of us get negative days especially early in a quit just keep it going

You know it gets easier the further you go




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