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Ectopic Beats & AF Smoking??

I just wanted to share a small experience thus far in giving up smoking, I am now 36 male 6'4" with average fitness, and for the past 10 years or so I have had loads of Ectopic beats, these are real chest thumpers, not just a little fluttering of the chest, but a big pause and followed by a big thump, I could have up to 40 a minute of these. I had all the tests which provided these to be all ok, everyone has them, just some people feel them more than others, all spe******ed told me obviously smoking is bad and to stop, but it has nothing to do with the electrical signals around and in the Heart, about 2 years ago I went in to AF (atrial fibrillation), this last for approx 36 hours and I came out of it myself, for those who don't know this is scary as hell, you heart goes into over time but not beating in the right rhythm, Following this 1st AF over the next 6 months had 3 more AF attacks, hospitalised each time and was put on a drug Sotalol to keep the heart in check. This has worked kept me in rhythm with no further AF but still loads of Ectopic all the time!!

That is until yesterday, I have now not been smoking for 4 days that's all, but just noticed that my heart rate is now 50 bmp where as it used to be 75-80 bpm just sitting still, so although I should have given up permanently 2 years, I kept lying to myself that the Doctors said it had nothing the do with Arrhythmias, so kept smoking.:mad::mad:

Hopefully I will be able to see my GP in a few months time and see if I can come of the Sotalol drug, because even after just 4 days i am starting to feel bloody good.:)

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How scary, I can't imaging what it must be like suffering these and not knowing when it will happen again. Quitting can only be a good thing for it and you've proved to yourself how much smoking had been affecting your heart.

I too have noticed that since quitting my heart rate has dropped from around 80-90 resting to 60bpm. I can't believe it has made that much difference!!

Fingeres crossed you can come off the Sotalol and not have to worry about AF because YOU ARE A NONE SMOKER!!:D


im on day 5 and have also had heart palpitations - its very un-nerving. at times I think my heart is going to beat right out of my chest and other times i keep thinking there is a missed beat. All normal though....this is part of quitting, and the anxiety with quitting also exacerbates it. I too keep thinking of my kids and wanting to see them grow up with their own families - keeps me on track - good luck and well done


Hi Neil :)

So pleased that after just 4 days your heart rate is getting back to normal and you may well be able to get of that drug soon as well


Marg xxxxxxx


Thanks Manny

Good to hear giving up has been successful, I have followed some research recently done in the USA, this has been looking at the effects of smoking on the electrical nodes of the heart, the basic findings came as follows.

Although smoking itself was unlikely to cause atrial arrhythmias, the increase in blood pressure and hence pressure on the heart will cause in the main, left ventricular hypertrophy. This enlargement to the left ventricular alters the electrical path to the sinus nodes and increase ectopic beats and increases Atrial Fibrillation (AF). The study then went on to showing how all the above carries on to cause a stoke within the patient, when left untreated the AF causes the heart to leave pools of blood in the enlarged section of the left ventricular with clot and start moving around.

That's my take on the findings, but I'm am but a mere sales manager.

Giving up like your self and hopefully reaping the benefits of a healthy life style

Good luck



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