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Almost too easy :(

Hello all,

This is a strange one, on day 4 now and finding it very very easy, my bf smokes and that hasn't tempted me, been in the pub, that hasn't tempted me, not craving at all. Feeling a tiny bit cranky and a little bit emotional but as soon as I recognise it is because of not smoking the feelings pass. I wonder if the nature of why I restarted means that I broke my emotional attatchment to ciggarettes at my last quit hence finding it easy this time, or whether at some point it will all kick in and I willl cave, Can quitting ever be too easy??

(not meaning to rub it in to anyone struggling today, trust me I have been there hence the suspisian now)

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My OH was just the same, found it really easy whereas I struggled and still am to be honest. He was moody or agressive or craved or anything, he found it a little hard when his mates went for a smoke break at work but he said he didnt want to join them. I firmly believe its because he has been wanting to give up for about 2 years but I was the one that was holding him back because I wasnt ready ( I still wasnt but was given some very good reasons why). I think because he was so ready to give up he found it easier than I did. BUT everyone is different maybe you are just naturally able to give up. Just becareful that its not the calm before the storm, he is starting to get a little tetchy now but handling it well.

Well done though on giving up and keep up :)



Hi Sachmo :)

Good day 4 already so glad you're finding it easy this time it could as you say because you've managed to rid yourself of the emotional attachment you had

It does happen that way at times and I hope you find the rest of your quit just as easy

In case you hit a bad day or two though remember how you feel tight now as it will help you get through them


Marg xxxxx


The physical addiction is not as tough as many people think, its the psychological addiction which is the hardest part. The associations we build are mte hardest part to break. If those associations are not "too" strong its easy if the run deep its harder.

How we feel about quitting helps us get trough it more easily too. If we are really pleased to be putting smoking behind us its a lot easier than if we see it as making a great sacrifice.

If its easy for you then that's great and it shows the associations are not very strong, however don't let complacency creep in as the desire for nicotine has a nasty habit rearing its ugly head when you least expect!




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