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Just a bit down

Nothing too bad just a bit, yeh know, sad, fed up. i am under quite a lot of pressure to get a job done and i keep on putting it off because i know it is going to be really stressful and i don't know if i can handle it at the mo, however time is running out and i will have to do it by next week at the latest.

I don't feel that i'm going to cave in, but i think it might be pay back time, to all those people who got my PMA last week, could i have some back please?

I am going to plan a treat for myself for the week after next, which will give me something to look forward to and hopefully something to get me past this pressure situation.

Ok time to pick up the animals from the zoo, sorry pick up children from school.

Love and best wishes all round.

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Consignment of PMA for a Bevyorks!!! Who's gonna sign for it. /taps foot.

ahhh good, you've signed for it ;)

Right bev, this 'job'.. the stressful one.. ask yourself this.. if you put it off and put it off, will the stress increase even worse because of the impending deadline... with less time to complete it you then worry about making a mistake with it and not having time to correct it.. so the thing you need to decide is..

is it better to get it out the way now?

Anyway, bags of PMA just come your way.. but stop a sec .. take stock of the situation, and plan your best way forward.


Not even sure if Im allowed to post seeing as Im ofiicially the worst quitter on the forum, but I really appreciated all your sunny PMA last week when I was struggling...

And I think maybe this bleurgh your feeling is weather related? And as soon as the sun shines again, you will feel on top of it all again...

Or, have a glass of wine Bev... now you know you can do it without craving! What a reward!

x x


Hi Bev :D

Sorry you're feeling a bit down just now due to this stressful thing you have to do

Take a minute or 6 and plan what you're going to do and the best way to go about it

Then get it done and out of the way and you'll feel so much better Promise


Marg xx


Hi Bev,

Take a deep breath and look at the positive. You have been non-smoker for 2 weeks!!

2 whole weeks!! How good is that??

Does the stressful job that you have lined up feel like it's more stressful because you have to tackle it without cigarettes??

Rather than focus only on the job you have to do, think about how you will be feeling after it is completed. Visualise you and your state of mind next week. Picture in your mind your planned treat.

Giving up smoking has been a day by day process...whatever it is you have to do perhaps try and break it into smaller manageable tasks and do a little bit each day or hour or whatever.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Big hugs, and chocolate cake xx


thanks guys u post a lot of sense, sometimes it is easier said than done tho.

Cinders you can post as much as you like, and u will have to go a long way to beat some of the serial quitters around here.

I have a plan, tomorrow i have cleared everything, so i am not going to do anything other than work on this one problem, i will not worry about all the domestic stuff that i have to get through i will not worry (for one day only) amount doing OH invoicing, typing, accounts. i will not worry about anything else other than dealing with this one problem, and i reckon if i spend a whole day (after kids have gone to school and before they come home) i should be able to at least get all the paperwork organised and start working my way through it one step at a time. and i also promise myself that if i get too stressed and feel the need of drugs the only drug i will use is caffine and chocolate and the forum. so if u see me around tomorrow and i appear a little odd (more odd than normal that is) just send me some PMA and any spare chocolate you might have.

Sorry that was a right ramble, but now i have posted this i feel i have to stick to it.


Could you do whatever it is in small pieces? Just part of it at a time? This usually works for me, and i end up doing more than i said i was going to do. I am the most unmotivated person in the world.

Also, you may just be feeling down anyway-it dose pass. Imagine you smoked now , and then imagine how you would feel just after that cigarette, would you even feel any better temporarily?probably not-and then you would feel a million times worse. Sometimes if i get a craving, i actually think and realise i don't actually want a cigarette and all that stuff. I've just got a craving, and when it gets bad i'll go and get cigs just to shut it up, but i don't really actually want one, and the thought just makes me feel bad. (if that makes sense)


hey bevs

you got your two weeks mark tomorrow. that's big time positive.

pressure to get a job done can be really hard at the best of times but when you are dealing with what your dealing with its completely understandable that your feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I dont know if its possible but you could use all your quitting tactics and apply them to the job that you need to complete.


1. break the job into small bits and deal with one bit at a time (a day at a time / hour at a time). only focus on the small bit so as to not get overwhelmed by the big picture.

2. give yourself some rewards after each milestone - even if its 10 mins of tv or something.

3. get some input from your fella if you have one or close friend if not. Others support and perspective helps to motivate you and see things you had missed on your own.

4. remember that its ok not to do everything to perfection all the time. We all like to do our best, but if things are 80 or 90 % of your usual whilst you are doing the first bit of the quitting, well, the world will keep turning.

try not to let it get you down too much anyhow. good luck with the monsters! :)


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