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Still around - was waiting to post

Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know I am still here, I read post everyday when I am at work. Wanted to wait a bit till I could say that I have been quit for 1 week now! Whew! Have been using the patches again, still look like a spotted leopard with flees from itching but it's ok I will take the red whelps and itching over smoking.

Not sure what has happened this time in my quit, think I am tired of failing and starting over that when I started this time I said enough is enough. Had a couple of times that the old Michelle would have ripped the patch off and started smoking again but for some reason this time I have managed to say no. My daughter was smoking (I know bad thing) and she said you want to smoke mom, I said nope I got my patch on and I am doing good, she was very pleased. Second I was driving to see a friend in horrible rain, the old Michelle would of ripped the patch off again and pulled in the first store and bought a packet and smoked the rest of the trip but this time it was like, nope not gonna do it, had white knuckles when I reached my location but hey felt good. Third was my dog ran away, never had a dog of my own and he was great, slept with me every night, made road trips with me, just a very good dog, and he ran away when I went to visit my friend. Old Michelle would of went to store and smoked to feel better.

So...I guess the mind set this time is different and I like it. Had a few beers and did good also. I am tired of coming on here and saying I quit only to turn around and fail. I am coughing and getting that stuff out of my system and I am exercising again, FINALLY joined a gym and it's amazing how much better I feel.

I just wanted to stop in and say I'm still trying, I'm here and I will be more active in supporting others but wanted to get myself together first before I did!


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The main thing is.. you ARE trying again, and what matters is that you've brought a different and more informed attitude to your quit with you this time.

Stay positive, and keep focused on what you intend to do.

If you ever get a moment where your subconscious is nagging you to stop and buy 'some', or take 'one' from someone.. you make sure you are right there in the moment denying every thought of that nature.

Keep always in mind what you are doing here, and why you are doing it.. quitting smoking is a challenge and one you can succeed at.. so keep going and keep telling that subconcious desire a very very firm ... NO.

Good luck.


Hi Mic :D

Well done you that's great and 3 trigger craves beaten in the first week as well just hang in there you can do this and it sounds as though you have the mindset right this time




Well done and welcome Michelle.

You have had quite a week and not smoked that's great, I do hope someone finds your lovely dog. In our signatures there are web sites you could read up about the addiction to nicotine, it will help you to understand what is going on.

Wishing you well.



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