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I made it

Hiya Everyone,

Hope you all are well. Sorry I havn't been on & posting recently - Just to let you all know I havn't fallen off the wagon, if fact my latest update can now look like this:

Caroline - Free and Healing for Fourteen Days, 21 Hours and 41 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day, by avoiding the use of 298 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £74.56.

So I'm here in week THREE && VERY pleased with myself :) Havn't been posting as I've been really busy. With the money I've saved so far from not smoking I decided to re-decorate my bedroom & also I started back at University today after a very long summer.

So will try & post as often as I can once things settle down again. But I hope this finds everyone well & keeping up all your hard work with your own quits :)


Speak soon everyone,

Love Caroline x

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whoop, whoop!!!

I'll see you in week 3 tomorrow chuck!!!

Well done you.



Well done on getting to your 3rd week :) Still keeping going is great to read.. be proud of your efforts so far, and continue being head-strong through the week or two ahead.. never doubt your ability to quit smoking.. just concentrate on the task in hand, and what you seek to achieve.

Keep your head strong.. and rely on us if you hit a rocky bit. One or more of us are bound to be around, unless that is the time is 4-5am in which case its pot luck :)

Well done.. nice update :)


Hi Caroline :D

Good to hear from you and well done at the start of week 3 that's great

I hope you're very proud of yourself keep it going onwards and upwards




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