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had a bit of a bad day yesterday, i started with the "I can't be bothered with this giving up lark, it's too hard, i'll try again when....." however me and OH went out for a meal and my old friend white wine was invited and i did not stumble i just got through it, no tricks just not going anywhere where i could buy some and then we got home and watched x-factor, with more white wine and went to bed rather drunk but still a non smoker.

today was a little easier and it is day 12 almost done and dusted.

watch out week 3 i'll be there soon.

Hope everyone had a good weekend in the sun, keep strong for that Monday Morning feeling.

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Nice going bev.. bit of self control when enjoying the wine and as much avoidance of temptation as you can has worked this time. Keep hacking away at this, notching up the days and soon it will be week 3.. don't fear week 3.. continue as you are now bev.

I reckon you'll be just fine.

Strong of mind this time.

Hi Bev

Sorry you had a bad day on Saturday but pleased yesterday was better and hope today is better still



Hi Bev,

Thanks for your reply to my other thread. Your PMA made it's way over to me:)

We've nearly kicked Week 2's a$$.....Week 3 here we come

PP x

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