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Day 11 - Survived my weekend!!


Just wanted to post because am feeling proud at myself for getting through a tough couple of days. I have survived what was effectively my weekend. Am back to work today.....

Had some (non-smoking) friends over for dinner last night and it was the first time that I have allowed myself any alcohol since I started my quit. Must admit after my second (large) glass of vin rouge I had an almighty craving that just wouldn't go away:( it was awful!!! BUT I got through it and I am still a non smoker. Felt quite nice to not have to excuse myself and nip off for a fag like I normally would.

A few tipsy games of guitar hero soon took my mind off it :)

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Well done you!! Im really impressed...

Seeing as Im coming up to my weekend and Im very nervous, do you have any tips for me?? Im panicking thinkint I wont make it...



The best thing you can do is to keep yourself busy at all times. don't allow yourself time to sit and think about you know what. If you are going out...try and hang out with non-smokers.

Maybe work out how much money you would normally spend on cigarettes in a weekend and treat yourself to something nice instead.

Good luck. You're doing great xx

Well done PP, so glad to hear u got through the drinking thing, white wine has done me in more times than i care to remember, and next time will be easier for you now u have done it once.

keep strong, and keep letting us know everytime u make it through a tricky situation it helps to keep the rest of us going.

Hi P P :D

Day 11 well done you I hope you're suitably proud of yourself for that and also for getting through your weekend

Also well done having friends over smokers or not and surviving a huge crave when you had a drink that's great and I know how good it felt not having to nip off for a fag great feeling isn't it



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