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¾ of a year

I've done it, 9 months or 273 days, not smoked 5,474 cigarettes, saved £1,313.76, it seemed such a long way away at one time. I still come on daily and read posts but think the support the newbies are giving is great, so only post if I have something to add.

I still get calls from my NHS Support Nurse every couple of weeks which is nice when I think of those of you who had little support from the beginning. She had made a note of this site so she can pass it to anyone who is interested.

Thanks for sharing your stories every day and helping me to stay stopped.


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CONGRATULATIONS, Jackie!!! Nine months, WOW! I'm not far behind you and can't wait to get where you are!


HUGE Well done!

Hi Jackie,

A HUGE well done to you for getting to nine months. I am SO pleased for you. I hope one day I will get there to & sooner rather than later LOL.

Well done again, hope you celebrate in style.

Love Gaynor xxx


Well done, 9 months is fantastic!

Congratulations :D


Thank you Jody, Gaynor and Stuart for your good wishes they are most appreciated.

Was looking for you Gaynor but could not find you, where are you hiding?



Great going Jackie, the hills will be alive tonight (even though they're big ones) keep it up and in a few minutes you'll be there. Love. David xxx


Congratulations on 9 months. Well done.



Nice one! You've always been most supportive to us lesser quitters, thank you for that, its really helped xxx


I hope you won't mind a congrats from a relative newbie ;) Well done on getting that far in, and i'm sure by now you are feeling like a veteran already. Don't let your guard down though, you've heard all the rules and hints/tips before, but keep your guard up against that little blighter and you should be right!

Well done you!!!!!!!


Many thanks, David, Bernie, Fiona, Chrissie and Jase, I so enjoyed your posts to me. It still gives me a thrill when I recieve encouragement from others. Would love to think I could come on here in a few years time (still a non smoker of course) and still find my friends because that's what you all feel like to me, my friends.

I wish you all many smoke free months/years.




Big big congratulations on the 9 month milestone. Fab stuff. Only 3 months to the fabled land of the penthouse now.:D

I hope it's as sunny up there in the Highlands as it is down here in the (so called) garden of England.




Hi Jackie :D

CONGRATULATIONS on 9 months that's fantastic


Marg xxxxxx


Thanks Deke and Marg.

Not very sunny up here at the moment deke but maybe as I like the Costswolds I could camp out in your garden Marg ;)

Imagine me in the Penthouse that used to be something other people did now I can think about it too, how marvelous and how time flies.

Jackie xx


Soooooooo sorry i missed this Jackie very well done mate. Not long now and we will be moving into the top floor. You go girl.xxxx

Ps did try and post this earlyer but bloody pc is playing up.xxxxxx


:D Thanks Linda. It's strange to think a few months ago I used to see you and Marg as being miles ahead of me but now that time has gone on at 9 months you don't feel so far away. You two will be able to get my room ready and I will be assured of a warm welcome on that wonderful day, by Christmas we will all be there together :cool:

Love Jackie xxx


You bet we will Im only about 16 days ahead nothing really time is moving faster now. Mind you at my age I should be wishing it to stop. HEHE.xxxxx


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