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Day 8 - having a wibble!

Ok so here I am at Day 8. I have only been up an hour and am already having the toughest day I've had so far since starting the quit process.

It started last night. My bf started smoking again yesterday and when i got in from work last night he announced he was going outside for a cigarette if i wanted to join him :mad::mad: i wibbled for a minute, for a split second I nearly caved but didn't (phew, it was tough!)

Then I have woke up this morning after dreaming all night that I had started smoking again. I can remember being really upset with myself in the dream for giving in. The dream was so vivid that I could actually taste and smell the cigarette and this is why this morning I am craving one so badly. I want one so much it's making me cry....

And to top it all off I have acquired a bumper crop of cold sores on my top lip:(:(:

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Hiya Penguinpower

Sorry you are having a bad day :( It's really tough I know but worth hanging on in there. I have failed so many times recently and it feels like crap. This time I am back to day 15 and the hardest thing I have ever done but I know it will be worth it in the long run.

Just think your BF will be all smelly and wrinkly while you will smell like roses and looking youthful :D

I know it's hard, my hubby smokes and it makes it twice as hard to stop but you can do this.

Day 8...well done... dont throw all that hard work away. Get angry at the nasty demon and kick butt :D

Carol x


it must be really upsetting that your bf started again, but i think i mentioned to you before you can only be responsible for your own quit and nobody elses. you also mentioned that you thought he might start again, so maybe this wasn't meant to be for him this time, however look at you Day 8 over a week already, i will go into my first wk in a couple of hours.

Dreams can be a real nightmare;) but the fact is you must have felt better when you woke and realised you hadn't smoked.

you are going to have to talk to your bf about him tempting you to smoke, just tell him you are a non smoker and why would he ask a non smoker if they wanted a smoke?

i am sorry you are having a bad day today, we all have them and sometimes all you can do it get through it, and when you do you will feel stronger and better for it.

Do you have any plans for the day? try to keep busy, maybe exercise, shop, or just watch bad tv all day? for some putting on loud music and dancing works for some it means crawling back under the quilt, whatever works for you do it and i will join you in week 1 really soon. Chin up.

BIG HUGS ((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))


I think bev has covered that perfectly for you. I'd also be tempted to tell your BF straight that although he has fallen at the first fence, he must not offer you any more smokes at all.. its not fair, you are are doing really well and i believe you can do this. You really can!

The problem with two folk quitting sometimes and one fails and succumbs, they do foolishly sometimes try to get the other to smoke aswell as it makes their fall seem like its less bad?

Well you must not fall into that trap, its too easily done, and you've come too far to let this affect you now.

Now, the cold-sores, this is just a symptom, just nip out to the chemist/boots whereever is near and pick up something to treat that with. Thats a normal thing, and is treatable.

Main thing is to break up what looks like a lot of problems all at once into smaller manageable things, and deal with each one at a time. The key here is.. don't panic, and don't stress. All will come good.



To Caz, Bev and Jase,

Thanks for the supportive messages.

You will be pleased to hear that i got over my morning blues. Just done the lunch time shift at work (i have a busy restaurant) which was manic so haven't had time to think about you know what. Got myself some cream for the cold sores. Just on my break before i have to go back at 5 for an absolutely humdinger of a busy night so won't have time to think about it then either.

Being on this forum and just being able to vent my fears, frustrations, aspirations and goals is really helping me to stay focused......

As for the bf, i spoke to him earlier and he has had 2 today....and rather than feeling a pang of jealousy i actually felt a bit smug!!!

You see i'm quite a competitive i'm actually gaining a bit of satisfaction in the knowledge that i'm handling this quit process better than he is. Quite childish really....If i was 5 yrs old i would probably be saying, "ner, ner, ner, ne, ner, ner. I'm better at this than you. ha ha"

Think he's quite surprised as i've always been a heavier smoker than him and don't think he ever thought that i would truly quit.....

Deep breath.....onwards and upwards!!!!!!!


I'm sure he feels a bit gutted though. Giving up smoking is a big deal, its challenging, highly rewarding, and not without its low days aswell as the good days... i think alot of us on here have had the odd day where we feel like utter crap.. and yet a day or so. (sometimes less) later, we feel fine with the world again.

Its funny how this quitting lark goes, but it really does just have 1 very basic rule. Do not smoke.

I'm sure your bf will try again, but you now need to set him the example i think here.. show him that anything is possible if you stick at it.. and i'm sure he will see in time and then just decide to try again.

Well, you must now concentrate on whats ahead of you, so the very best of luck.

Here's to you for not crumbling to that offer.



Hi Penquin power :)

Well done you not giving in and having that fag with your BF the rest have covered this for you already

Just remember your's is the quit that counts you cannot be responsible for whether your BF smokes or not




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