No Smoking Day
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Feeling a bit better

Had a nice shower, feel a bit more chilled out now. IT is still bugging me a bit but feel more in control. Looking forward to getting to the week mark as I think I will feel a little more secure. All the craves I seem to be having are just in my head not had any bad physical craves could be because I wasnt smoking much or even every day. So just got my THICK head to crack then I should be fine :rolleyes:

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The week is nearly here

Well done to you, and i know what u mean about getting your head right. i know that i don't really want a fag (nearly miss posted gag instead) but still keep thinking about them.

We are so nearly at a week and to be honest it has not been that hard, just boring, boring, boring always thinking about something and then thinking no i don't smoke.

However we are over the 3rd hour and the 3rd day and the first week is very nearly done and dusted. So together we will keep on keeping on and before we know it we will be counting in months not days and weeks.

Well done you (and me) we will continue to climb the ladder out of this hell hole.


Good luck both of you. My total respect as always for the CT method. Keep us updated how your getting on.



hey trendy - theres nothing quite like a good shower to get you through those first few days with the craving. i really miss my good shower!! my last flat had one of the best showers ive ever been in :)


hi trendy well done your doing so good, im so proud of you :)


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