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nearly my 40th hour!

Here's day 2!! and when I wake up i'll be at the end of it and starting day 3, wow that feels good...its been tough without the internet, i havn't been able to post on here so i've fallen once or twice as usual. But im hitting 40 hours of pure freedom, not a drop of nicotein in my system by now (i think)..

I've been on 2x 30min walks a day for the last 3 days, and have done some other mediocre exercise throughout which has helped. Can really feel the blood circulating around my body, well not feel it but feel its effects! haha

Really am looking forward to hitting the big 72hour mark again, that will show me that I really mean business and before I know it it'll be a week...then 2...then i'll pick up where I went wrong last time! I've told myself im going to stay away from my smoker friends this time, and they keep asking me to do stuff with them and I keep saying no. They love to tempt me into smoking so I guess staying away from them is my only option for a while, and if I lose them oh well! :D


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aghhhhhhh why can't i sleep!!!!! :( i've really gotta start sleeping more often and at normal times!

I've made yet another herbal tea and have been reading through other posts here, reminded me that I havn't coughed up anything in a long must be about 2 months since i tried to quit for real and coughed my lungs up. It started to slow down by the end of my 2nd week, then I started smoking again and have never brought any gunk up since...all seems fairly abnormal to me.


No worries.... sleeping poorly is very normal and I never coughed up anything..... congrats on making it to day 3.... keep posting, keep reading, and educating yourself. Hope your day will go easy!



in the earliest days of my quit I wasn't sleeping well at all, i was knackered most days, and when bedtime came, i seemed to sit up keeping myself busy on my computer rather than going to bed.

I still have the odd night now where i stay up but most nights i get to bed for a reasonable time now. I also used some nytol for 5 days at the end of my first month to regulate mysleep a bit better.

you do right to avoid the temptation, and it wouldn't harm for you to write down the reasons why you previously failed and how it came about.. and put what you are going to to to prevent that happening again this time too.

It helps. Planning ahead and using previous negatives as positives are definite 'yes' things in my book.

I'm only on my 3rd month myself, but you can bet your last quid coin that if i was where you are right now, i'd be following the advice i'm giving you here.

Don't worry and stress though, your heads got enough to concentrate on,.. just get by a day at a time.. and when you feel yourself getting a bit 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh'.. or moody, then break your routine a bit and go do something else.. don't rule out having the odd nap when you are naturally tired too.. 15-20 mins can do you the power of good.

'It will all be worth it'.



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