No Smoking Day
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Day 3 sucks :(

Oh I could do with some encouragement today. I think I've been through the worst... it's only because I still had my pyjamas on that I managed to not go and buy smokes. Lazy gene was obviously stronger than nicodemon, because it told me the Nicorette inhalator was a MUCH better plan! LOL

I've had a cry, and I'm feeling a bit better now. And the anti-smoking stuff on youtube REALLY helped.

Hope you're all doing okay

Jane xxxx

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the dreaded 3's

sounds like a case of the dreaded 3's. sorry to hear you are suffering.

i also have a very strong lazy gene which can come in handy in these situations, so stay in PJ's all day and watch rubbish tv drinking lots of tea/coffee whatever, and i would also recommend choc biscuits.

i have cried a lot on previous quits, so tho not so much on this one, getting it out of your system and then still choosing not to smoke is, i think, the only thing to do.

We are all here for you, keep it up and hope you feel better soon.

BIG HUGS ((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))


It is for sure the day 3 challenge. Many of us have been there, and probably had a day just like this. Just a matter of getting through it the best way you can and deal with any remaining angst in day 4 which 'sometimes' happens for some folk. I had day 3 and 4 as being my known problem days and each time i've quit its been the same.. one thing is for sure, once you are through it, it does get easier.

Withdrawal is just like that sadly, if there wasn't any tough bits, then the whole world wouldn't be smoking. You must, must, must tough it out tho.



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