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OMG White wine

No don't worry not failed, but just had one glass of white wine and i want a fag now more than i have done in the last 4 days. I am going to put my PJ's on and sit and drink at least 1 more glass (not a mad as you think as the only way i can get fags is to drive) and get myself to bed early.

i know this is impossible but if they ever invent a fag that you can have with white wine after say 9pm but never want or need it at any other time then put in front of that queue. :D

So once again goodnight and God Bless you all.

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Hi Bev

I know just what you mean, but it's like all of those other triggers - soon you will have another memory/habit that doesn't involve ciggies!

Well done for getting though.


Hi Bev,

I'm too afraid to drink yet. I'm now on Day 7(whoop!) but haven't touched a drop of my beloved red wine since my quit day as I just know as soon as i have a glass i will want a cigarette to go with it.


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