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No Smoking Day
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Day 15

Yipppeeee... so happy. I feel so much better too, though I now seem to have developed a hacking cough. Is this normal after 2wks?

Also, I have read many times that many people slip in week 3. Any tips and why is this? I have a friend coming over tonight who smokes so this will be a real test for me. She is really supportive though and will go outside to smoke :)

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Day 15 is fantastic, so you are starting to count in weeks rather than days that is a great feeling.

As for the cough, didn't happen to me but lots of people get colds, coughs etc just your body clearing out the rubbish.

Week 3 can be tough for some, same as 3 hours, 3 days etc. i didn't have a problem with week 3 (week 4 got me). you seem to be doing really well so all i can say is keep doing it, if you do have any problems reading and posting will certainly help.

Good luck and keep it going.


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