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Day 3 and full of cold

Been feeling a bit heavy limbed the last few days then last night started the sneezing and can hardly talk today. Had to phone a neighbour to go into Mums as I dare not take this with me it could kill her at 85 years old. In one way it is a blessing as the last thing I could tollerate at the moment it a fag. My little dog is gutted as he hasnt had his walk, told him to chase the cat round the garden but the cat chased him instead lol. Ill take him later when I am well dosed up.

Still getting small cravings though kinda in my tummy, still think that is down to the fact I have told myself I will never smoke again rather than proper cravings as dont remember having this before, like butterflies or excitement :confused: weird :o

Hope everyone is fighting fit and beating this addiction :)

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poorly too!!

Hi there,

I know how you feel. I had my last cigarette over 84 hrs I've ever done but I too am full of cold and flu symptoms. Sneezing, coughing, aching limbs and generally feeling like crap. My poor little dog isn't getting his usual walks either.....but I don't think he minds looking at the miserable weather outside. Anyway, good luck....keep up the good work. We can't feel this sh!tty forever


hi, sorry to hear your feeling ill. i posted early about the dreaded 3's maybe this could be something to do with that. i am feeling fairly well just really, really sleepy, so trying to keep my caffine intake up and get to bed as early as i can, without OH asking if i'm alright!

it is swimming lessons with the kids tonight and then i get them a McDonalds on the way home and then they have a bath and the big one (10) will have homework, so i'm hoping keeping busy through the day and early evening will help.

keep well, and remember we will never have to do a DAY 3 again. how good does that sound:D


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