No Smoking Day
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A little early

just poking my nose in a little before my time as i will be out for most of the day.

i remember this place, the dreaded 3's, but i have been here before and got through it before. as i said really busy today so hopefully will not notice it too much.

i thought been on my own would be good, but sometimes it makes it harder because u know u could have 1 and nobody else would know, however i would know and then i would have to start this bloody journey again and boy do i not want to do that AGAIN.

So for us all on the dreaded 3's big hugs to you and if it is your 1st time here i promise it does get better just hang in there.

Thanks for reading, it really does help me to post, but i'm not quite up to posting for others yet, but i'm sure i will get there.

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Hey Bev...hope you have a great day:).....keep busy and the day will be over b4 you know it...another smoke free day;)


Let us know how your day went, :)


just a quickie;) kids r in bath and i can't let OH catch me on day 3.

so far so good, thinking of treating myself to a take away tonight, and i am really looking forward to day 4 (again) can feel that i am building up to a week gone and that is a huge milestone.

hope everyone is doing ok here at the start of the weekend, enjoy guys, and i will try to pop in later to see if there is any parties or cakes or you know choc biscuits going round HINT HINT CAZ.


Today's my day three. I feel really good. I went off the stop smoking medication I was on. Can't remember the name. I was only on a half dose anyhow as the full does keeps me up all night. With a half I get about four or five hours of fragmented sleep, so I'm really looking forward to a full nights sleep tonight.

Today wasn't bad at all. I just got a new computer yesterday, so I spent today trying to get my iTunes all set up. I haven't had all my music on one computer since 2005. Four years, three countries, and two hemispheres later, I'm finally settled enough to have a proper computer rather than a laptop, so I can finally get all of my old music, as well as all the music I've accrued in the past few years in one place. It's been an awesome distraction.

Even though I haven't had any of the medication for over twenty-four hours, I'm feeling pretty much fine. I would have liked to have had a cigarette a few times today, especially when I was on the phone, when I usually smoke a lot. I think I just realize that it's a non-option at this stage, and I may as well not torture myself and just put it out of my mind as quickly as possible.

It's nice to have three days under my belt. I know it only gets drastically easier from here on out!



For anyone needing a little encouragement:


graphic video. It still astounds me though, you could show that vid to someone who is currently smoking 20-40 a day it doesn't seem to phase them. I thankfully didn't need to convince myself by watching the health damage smoking was causing, i just wanted my life back.. and to live it without being chained to the smoke shelter or my garden in order to live it.

My garden is now just a place i go to water the plants.. and .. to get a breath of fresh air.. and actually mean it for once :)


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