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When does it get easier?

Im on day 2 now, gone cold turkey and feeling it hard!

Got up this morning had to sit shaking and getting really hot really wanting one, i didn't have one anyway just cooked some sausages as i am so hungry :(:(

When will the cravings go away? I can handle headaches and what not, but cravings really do take it out of me.. my grandad said if i make it through the 3rd day, I should beable to go all the way, so hopefully!

I'm hoping the cravings will chill out soon as i start college in a week and already very nervious as it is!!

Oh and i did what i should never do,i sit outside next to a smoker, smoking! Coped ok though :)

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First of all well done for making the decision to quit. I am on day 14 today and despite a few very very tough days it has been ok, and its true what they say, the first few days are the worst. I think I spent most of day 2 in tears :-( or eating everything I could get my hands on. I know it might sound like a cliche but you really do just have to try and keep yourself busy - my flat has never been so clean! Go for a walk, or a swim, write a letter, clean something, pamper yourself, phone a friend - anything just to keep yourself occupied. The cravings WILL pass, and very soon you will notice all the postive changes in yourself - more money, easier breathing and there is honestly a sense of freedom that I for one never expected.

Please stick with it - you are stronger than the little nicotene monster and you can beat it!

Chloe x


Hi Ashli :D

So sorry you're finding day 2 difficult but it really does get easier as you go along

As you've gone cold turkey the nicotene will be out of your system by tomorrow night as well and that has to be good

Your Grandad is right about the first three days but no one can put a time limit to the cravings sorry but after the first really hard wekk they do get easier for most of us




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